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As the construction progress, so do their security needs. We provide our clients with flexible and scalable security solutions comprising physical and technical security, guarding services and security consulting services adapted to the progress of the construction project.

Our clients in the construction vertical range from small construction sites and companies to very large contractors, large developers and extensive publicly funded projects and even to roadworks projects. 

Protection from damage and theft

The construction sites and complexes as well as maturing projects all need to be protected from theft as the on-site assets are very valuable to our customers and can be critical for continued day-to-day operations. Any delays due to damage or theft can be costly, either through contractual penalties or clauses or through the customer having to pay staff when unable to work. 

Other clients in this segment include consultants, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, project management and surveyors. 

We mark and block off the construction site with fences and gates, we install access control systems, alarms and security cameras connected to our monitoring center. Our security cameras respond to heat and specific movement patterns, which enables our operators to react immediately if anyone tries to access the construction area. 

Video surveillance with one or more MobileCams 

Designed for a temporary assignment, the MobileCam concept is a flexible “ready to use” video surveillance solution. This video trailer system is designed to be fully mobile and can be deployed for use on multiple construction sites or in vacant buildings. This concept is equipped with cameras (thermal, indoor and outdoor), a lighting system, sensor-based detectors, one- or two-way loudspeaker, video recorder, solar panels and a communication device. The MobileCam can be used in combination with a large range of Securitas monitoring, mobile and other security services. It covers five basic security principles: prevention, detection, verification, response and communication.

The client will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Quickly secure an open site
  • Easy to install solution, indoor/outdoor
  • Pro-active remote surveillance
  • Video analytics and business intelligence
  • Pre-configuration in line with client requirements
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