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Environmental policy reduces emissions

Securitas is the first global security company to commit to Science Based Targets Initiative.

Securitas’ environmental impact is relatively small, and we are reducing it further by creating more sustainable future security solutions through an extensive modernization and digitization of the business. As a leader in the industry, committing to the Science Based Targets initiative is a natural next step for us.

Focus on reducing emissions

The Securitas Group environmental policy, which is updated every year, stipulates that new company cars purchased after July 1, 2022 may generate a maximum of 155 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer, according to the measuring method WLTP (120 grams according to the NEDC method). For minivans, the limit is 165 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer according to NEDC and 195 grams according to WLTP and for patrol vans, pickups and four-wheel vehicles, the limit is 170 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer according to NEDC and 200 grams according to WLTP.

The goal is to gradually, on an annual basis, reduce the emissions generated by the company cars and minivans owned and leased by Securitas around the world. 

Environmental policy with three goals

Securitas also has an environmental policy for its operations, which focuses on three overall goals:

  • Reduce the company's negative climate impact, particularly with respect to energy and transportation
  • Avoid using environmentally hazardous substances and work to replace such substances with more environmentally friendly alternatives, even if this results in a higher cost for the company
  • Contribute to recycling processes and ensure waste is handled in a safe, environmentally friendly manner

A basic requirement is that we follow all prevailing laws, international agreements and other regulations that impact our operations.

Local environmental initiatives

Securitas also implements local initiatives to improve its environmental performance. For example, opt for video conferences rather than business travel whenever possible, change to renewable energy for heating or cooling of offices, recycle paper and other materials and use web-based manuals, process descriptions and training documents rather than printed materials.

Securitas a participant in CDP

Securitas participates in CDP, a global reporting system for climate change. In 2021, Securitas received a score of Performance band C. The average score for the companies in the CDP climate change program is Performance band C. This score is based on an evaluation of the company's activities in the areas of climate change, adaptation and transparency.

Annual and Sustainability Report

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Securitas Values and Ethics

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