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Remote video solutions

Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) are standardized, cost-effective and remotely based video surveillance services combining specially trained security officers with innovative technology.

Managed by Securitas 

The solution is fully managed by Securitas. This means that we take full responsibility for on-site installations, maintenance of security components, operations, and remote services as well as technology investments. 

Standardized solution 

We offer a corporate standardized solution for video surveillance (CCTV). This enableus to deliver video surveillance as a standard component in our integrated security solutions. This allows us to prevent incidents, optimize security officers time, deliver cost-effective technology and ensure our solutions comply with cyber security and data privacy laws and regulations. 

Discover the different layers of our remote video solutions  

  • RVS Go 

is an advanced video surveillance solution which provideclients with access to the full range of remote services and includes new camera hardware, maintenance, and monitoring 

  • RVS Pro 

is a fully integrated solution tailored for clients with stringent security needsIt is compatible with a wide range of camera models managed on a Video Management Platform. 

Integration with other security services and the Securitas Operation Center  

Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) are fully integrated into other Securitas services for on-site, mobile, and remote guarding, electronic security, fire and safety, and corporate risk management. The connection to the Securitas Operation Center together with our specialized operators allows us to act and intervene proactively to detect incidents or crimes before they happen. 

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