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A strong positive impact on society

In pursuing our purpose, our business creates a range of different impacts. The net impact model shows Securitas impact on the surrounding world.

The net impact model captures the entire value chain and summarizes our usage of resources and created benefits into an overall net impact, that is, the net sum of the positive and negative impacts Securitas has on the surrounding world. This is a bird’s eye view of the holistic impact of our business on society, knowledge, health, and the environment.  

Securitas business is highly net positive 

With a net impact ratio of 81 percent, Securitas’ business is highly net positive. This means that our overall negative impact is 81 percent smaller than our overall positive impact. Our most significant positive impact is our contribution to society through job creation.

Read more on pages 16-17 in the 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report 

Source: Upright Project Oy


Annual and Sustainability Report

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