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Securitas provides security services to retail clients, which can include supermarkets, store chains, a shopping centers or shopping malls as well as the property owners of these buildings.

Securitas provides security services to retail clients, which can include supermarkets, store chains, a shopping centers or shopping malls as well as the property owners of these buildings. The solution is developed according to the needs and the risks of each client and comprises a combination of different services, such as parking surveillance, people counting and visitor handling as well as remote services and lone worker protection after closing times. 

Securitas retail security solution goes way beyond conventional alarm panels focusing on sending alarms to our clients. By combining our knowledge with the latest technologies, we give our clients real-time control over their entire business. 

Our security solutions allow our clients to manage tasks remotely from anywhere, in-house or outsourced at our SOC. Whether it’s a small shop around the corner, a shopping mall or a luxury store, we have developed security solutions based on the risks and the needs of the market and the clients.  

Permanent remote guarding in retail  

With remote guarding Securitas provides real-time intelligent security for a large department store chain. The Securitas Operations Center reacts within seconds to all incidents and events occurring at the multiple locations of our clients’ site. 

Different security needs 

The client needs 24/7 surveillance to cover loitering in the parking lot, an increased number of incidents at the stores and unwanted wandering around at night. In addition, special events organized by the client need extra security services. 

With an easily deployed video surveillance device all incidents are instantly reported based on intelligent video analytics. The Securitas Operation Center alerts remote guarding officers who analyze the live video and sends out the mobile guarding officers in the local area of the site. 

Single point of contact 

With Securitas as the single point of contact for the entire security solution, the client saves time and resources, and receives an improved level of security. In conjunction with implementing 24/7 surveillance, the installation of cameras or the upgrade of existing equipment and maintenance are performed by Securitas.

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