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The industry and manufacturing verticals include all heavy industries, extraction, production and processing, in the steel, mining, pulp and paper industries as well as recycling of materials.

 Both the industry and manufacturing verticals sustain high losses every year due to external threats and from insiders. Not only do such losses cause major threats to profitability  they also increase costs for clients. 

We deliver customized facilities and manufacturing security solutions designed to mitigate security risks, reduce theft and other losses, maximize employee collaboration and sustain profitability. Securitas offers reliable, comprehensive and professional industrial security services.  

Video analytics with sensors

couple of years ago, a metal workshop, well-known as a company that kept timely deliveries and supplied high-quality products, started to experience an increase in criminal activities. The misdemeanors ranged from raw material thefts, such as metal bars, ball bearings, and various bits and pieces of construction materials, to damage to physical barriers, properties and ready-to-ship products. 

By deploying a video analytics solution based on thermal sensor technology, Securitas was able to create a superior detecting element, not affected by weather variations or environmental variations such as darkness or brightness. Moreover, by adding remotely connected horn speakers and light technology, the SOC operators were ready to mitigate any threats that arose 

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