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Our history

For 90 years, Securitas has pioneered the security industry, blending exceptional human expertise with innovative technology to deliver solutions that help make your world a safer place.

From humble beginnings to industry leader

Our story begins in 1934 when founder Erik Philip-Sörensen established a small security company in Helsingborg, Sweden. With just a handful of employees and a commitment to providing reliable security services, Erik laid the foundation for what would later become Securitas, a security solutions partner with world-leading technology and expertise.

Throughout the decades, Securitas expanded globally, embracing – and pioneering – new technologies and innovative approaches to security. All the while, our core values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness guided our actions, helping to build a legacy we could be proud of.

Today, Securitas remains driven by the same spirit of innovation that has defined us since the start. With a powerful combination of people and technology, we continue to pioneer new solutions, helping our clients stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Next 90: Looking to the future

As our journey continues, we remain committed to setting the standard for excellence in the security industry. Looking ahead to the next 90 years (and beyond), we see a future in which security drives business resilience, technology empowers our people, and proactive, intelligence-led approaches provide even greater protection and peace of mind for our clients.

The Securitas journey: Celebrating our history

Since our founding in 1934, Securitas has embarked on a remarkable journey, rooted in humble beginnings and driven by unwavering core values and purpose. Explore the chapters of our legacy, each one highlighting stories and milestones that have shaped our journey to becoming an industry leader.

Our history – timeline

Learn about the important events in our journey in becoming the world’s leading intelligent security services provider - from the early years up until today.

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