Freddy Quispe

Picture of Freddy Quispe, Scholar of 2014Location: Lima, Peru
Years with Securitas:
- Security officer - 2011
- Supervisor - 2013
My current role: I started as a security officer. Currently, I am a supervisor at one of the most important malls of the country where I work with 30 colleagues providing security services.
Topic studied and where: Mall supervision, Spain.

Why did you apply for the Scholarship?

In 2013, I was awarded the Securitas Value Award after proving the Securitas Vigilance and Helpfulness values while in service throughout an action that saved the life of a young girl. This was an incentive for me to apply for the scholarship and to continue moving forward with my professional career. 

What did you learn/gain from the study visit?

I have learned a lot about how Securitas provides security services in large malls, and how communication and coordination take place between private security services and the police, supervised from control centers where hundreds of cameras are monitored. I have also seen the importance of working in coordinated teams so that the security service has the desired effect.

How will you share this knowledge/ experience within your organization?

After returning from Spain I participated in a meeting at the head office of the company where I briefly explained my experience. Also, the client invited me to make the same presentation to his staff and key contractors that are currently providing services to him. My experience has been recorded and disseminated through Securitas channel in YouTube for all Securitas Peru to see it. My short term goal is to continue to succeed within the company, and to share my entire experience with my colleagues for the sole purpose of seeking the continuous improvement of the service we provide to our customers.  

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