The next generation of security

Combining people, knowledge and technology to deliver protective services to our customers

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11/19/2018 6:00 PM

The Future of Intelligent Security (video)

This is how we picture the future of intelligent security: digital customer interface where our customers will be able to seamlessly control their services, our smart cameras detecting shoplifting and other crimes, Securitas crime prediction notifying of higher risks of crimes in our customers' area and intelligent scheduling that optimizes where our security officers should be located to make rapid response possible.

Learn more about how Securitas works with risk assessment (video)

We integrate technology, people and knowledge to offer protective security solutions to customers all over the world. Watch this video (to the left) to learn more about how we use Securitas ISO 31000 Risk Assessment as a framework to analyze and evaluate the customers' security needs to provide customized and cost-efficient security solutions.