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Risk Prediction

Specific Service Terms and Service Description for MySecuritas Risk Prediction.

General descriptions

MySecuritas Risk Prediction is a digital tool providing data-driven insights regarding the risks and exposures of client sites and areas to enable efficient outcome-based planning of risk mitigations.

Risk Prediction can be accessed by clients who wishes to understand their risk profile and have a dialog with Securitas regarding the most efficient security setup. The service can also be accessed by internal Securitas users to understand the client needs for a certain site or area and generate sales leads. Through Risk Prediction, clients with multiple sites can also get a dashboard view of the overall risk profile of their organization.

Risk Prediction enables a data-driven and outcome-based dialogue around security, new to the traditional industry. Having a proactive approach to security aids our clients to avoid incidents altogether rather than acting on them.

Key functionality

MySecuritas Risk Prediction is available in a mobile application and/or a webpage, and enables the following functionality:

  • A view of the top risks for the site’s industry (i.e., type of business at the site).
  • A view of number of events identified at the site over the previous 12 and 24 months.
  • Benchmarking of occurred events against other sites in the industry.
  • General risk level in comparison to near areas.
  • Probability analyses for different types of events and a prognosis of the future.
  • Long-term predictions of the risk distribution of the 3 top risks, 12 months in advance.
  • Mitigation recommendations based on high-risk dates from the long-term analysis.
  • An overview of the sites, events and risk levels.


All logged in users that have been securely authenticated can view predictions of risk levels and
guarding information for the sites that been added. All users are under subject of dynamic access
and therefore have their own unique experience.

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