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Radosław Sobański

Location: Piła, Poland
Years with Securitas:
2015 - present
My current role:
Security Team Leader
Topic studied and where:
New technologies/People management – Sweden (Stockholm, Malmö)

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

I decided to apply for the scholarschip to deepen my knowledge on topics that could help me in my professional development and that I could share with my colleagues in order to improve the quality and efficiency of our everyday work.

What did you learn/gain from the study visit?

During my study visit I learned:
- how to manage people in a better way;
- about new technologies in the remote protection field;
- about new possibilities offered by the Securitas Operating Center;
- about new possibilities of combining on-site guarding with new technologies;

It was also great to observe the training of canine units.

How will you share this knowledge/ experience within your organization?

First of all, I will use the acquired knowledge in order to optimize services delivered at the facility of our current client. Since April 2019 I have also attended a managerial course, during which I share my knowledge with other colleagues, broadening the 'good practise database.'

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