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Security lighting deters burglars at Medicon Village, Sweden

At Medicon Village in Sweden Securitas includes smart lighting, such as presence detecting sensors, to further strengthen the crime preventive measures in the remote video solutions provided.



Today’s modern lighting systems have developed from being non-sophisticated systems that simply turn a lightbulb on and off to becoming advanced sensor networks. The development of lighting systems emerged from the need to create energy-saving lighting systems, resulting in systems which can determine when the lighting should be lit and the intensity it uses to illuminate its surroundings. Securitas’ main interest in these systems is their ability to detect presence and how this information can be used. We have identified services bringing added value to the services provided to our clients.

Smart lightning such as presence detecting sensors

Since the origin of lighting, it has been used as a deterrent element within the security industry. Lighting has a proven effect on whether a crime occurs or not, directly effecting the psyche of the offender. To further strengthen the crime preventive measures in remote video solutions, we include a variety of smart lighting, such as presence detecting sensors in each existing light fitting. The concept evolved from an indoor solution, which creates the illusion of presence within the property, to solutions where we enable our Securitas Operation Center (SOC) to control a floodlight and in real time follow the trespasser with SOC controlled lighting.

Combining lighting controls with evacuation guidance

The same system will help to detecting presence in the event of an evacuation and combine lighting controls with evacuation guidance. On the way, the concept can deliver guard instructions that follow the security officer in real time presenting the right instruction based on the officer’s location within the property.

This solution includes: 

  • Lighting controls 
  • PIR, presence and motion sensors 
  • IP based lamps 
  • Integrated detection system 
  • Remote video solutions 
  • Guidance to emergency exits 
  • Announcements in the building 
  • Remote management from the Securitas Operation Center 
  • Fire and safety services 


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