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Creation of a divisional structure

Consolidation in the security market, growing customer demands and specialization of security services imposed new requirements on Securitas’ way of organizing its offer to customers.

The country-based organization with a common management for all branches of the business was proving less efficient in responding to the increasingly specific customer demands that were being placed on guarding services, alarms and cash handling alike.

In 2000, Securitas carried through a comprehensive move to a divisional structure with five divisions. This organized all the country-based businesses under guarding in the USA or Europe, large alarm systems, home alarms and cash handling. Each division had its own management resources and developed its own concept for its own market under the Securitas name, supported by the financial strength of a large organization and leading positions on many markets.

The common Securitas culture also encouraged business skills, entrepreneurship and ownership – driving forces that advanced both the restructuring of Securitas and its continuing expansion.

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