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Four new security companies

The formation of the divisional structure in 2000 paved the way for the decision in 2006 to separate the divisions and distribute Securitas Systems, Securitas Direct and Loomis to Securitas’ shareholders.

In the five years that the Securitas divisions were operational, distinctive business models and customer concepts had been developed. Strong organizations and managements had created autonomous businesses that were now better placed to develop as independent companies than as parts of a collective group organization.

During the period 2000–2006, the Securitas Group averaged organic growth of 5 percent a year, with stable margins. Acquisition activity was focused on complementary acquisitions rather than creating new platforms. After the many US acquisitions, return on total capital employed rose towards the Group's objective of 20 percent. Free cash flow confirmed the improvement in income and averaged 85 percent of adjusted income.

In September 2006, Securitas Systems and Securitas Direct were distributed to Securitas' shareholders, who thereby acquired two new security shares in addition to their Securitas shares. Loomis was the object of an acquisition approach that was broken off, and the listing process continued with the intention of listing Loomis on the Stockholm Stock Exchange during the second half of 2007. Securitas will thus have created four new security companies. Together with Assa Abloy, which was distributed in 1994, Securitas will have created five listed companies with distinct strategies and good opportunities to continue independently to create value for both customers and shareholders. Refined in this way, Securitas itself is continuing on its path of developing security solutions for customers in Europe and North America and achieving its declared ambition of growing in new markets.


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