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Customized and cost-effective security services

Each industry, company and operation have specific needs and requirements in terms of security. Clients expect suppliers to identify and respond to their specific challenges, providing specialist know-how and dedicated resources.

Greater security responsibility

If security providers can meet these challenges, companies will assign them greater security responsibility. Clients are generally prepared to pay more for a service with more comprehensive content, higher quality and relevant specialist skills.

One contact person for the entire security solutions

We are also seeing a willingness in certain markets to pay a premium to have one contact person in charge of the entire security solution, thus gaining more effective and better control over price changes and supply chain and sustainability issues.

Security solutions from a single security services provider

Furthermore, we believe that there is a general trend towards outsourcing security capabilities, especially in guarding and fire safety. Clients are seeking customized and comprehensive security solutions from a single security services provider to enable more cost-efficient and reliable security services management.

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