Opportunity for growth

Securitas is a leading security services provider with a strong position throughout Europe, North America and Latin America, as well as on growth markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Market growth

The global security services market is projected to continue to grow even though the world economy is showing signs of a downturn. In developed markets, such as the US  and western Europe, the growth potential lies in offering a full range of security services, including technology, that can be combined into tailored security solutions. The security systems integration market is expected to be BUSD 70 by 2021.

The strongest overall growth is forecast in developing markets, with China and India as the main drivers. This growth will come mainly from guarding services, which are still expected to account for the largest share of sales growth in the coming years. Well-reputed multinational security companies will also have good opportunities to grow in the guarding  segment as regulations to increase professionalism in developing markets are expected to improve clients’ and the public’s trust in these services.

The factors driving growth depend on the maturity of the market, but we have identified five main trends that are having the greatest impact on our global business. Our strategy and our services and solutions are aligned to address these trends:

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