Globalization of the economy

Globalization of the economy has enabled companies to expand their economies of scale beyond national borders, with technology making it possible to connect complex and interoperable security systems from anywhere in the world.

Trend and market drivers

Economic prosperity is fueling demand for security services, with more assets to protect and more end users with the means to buy security services. Many companies have expanded across national borders and modern technology enables complex and interoperable security systems to be connected from anywhere in the world. China and India are expected to be the fastest growing national markets for security services through 2022, while the US will remain the world's single largest market for security services.

Securitas' response

Securitas can offer both the technology needed to change the face of security, and the manpower. In addition to offering complex security systems that can be controlled across borders, we have an unmatched presence. With our approximately 1,450 branch offices, we can meet the needs of our clients both globally and locally. In 2019, we created three new functional units to develop a global business approach and better address the global market.

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