Societal tensions

While conventional crime is actually on the decline in several mature markets and growing more slowly or declining in many developing countries, the perception of crime remains high.

Trend and market drivers

Real or perceived threats of criminal activity continue to drive demand for more security. The perception of crime remains high even though conventional crime has not actually increased in most countries and the number of terrorist and militant incidents has fluctuated from year to year over the past decade. The public sector continues to outsource many security services to the private sector in the face of downsizing and cost-cutting programs as well as new and more complex threats that are challenging to handle.

Securitas' response

Securitas can offer security solutions and, if needed, extra services on short notice to the public sector. For example, we can provide on-site guarding in public areas to support the work of the police force or for infrastructure such as public transportation. Through its presence, Securitas can contribute to peace of mind in tense situations. We also provide professional risk analysis and risk management services to help tackle complex security issues.

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