In the coming decade, the urban population is expected to grow fasten than the total world population. Cities often have higher rates of both real and perceived crime, and there tends to be more criminal activity in denser populations with growing socioeconomic inequalities.

Market drivers

Urbanization is a continuing trend around the world and as more people move into cities, the inequality gap is widening, leading to both real and perceived criminal activity. An expanding middle class and increased activity in building construction, particularly in the emerging economies, are increasing the demand for security services. The residential market is expected to show the fastest growth as electronic monitoring equipment becomes more common. In the commercial sector, multinational firms are adopting technologically advanced security solutions and services, particularly in the emerging urban areas of China and India.

Securitas' response

Securitas continues to expand its presence in urban areas around the world to ensure close proximity to clients. We have a strong presence in both mature markets and developing countries, and can provide advanced security systems and consulting services. We can also offer highly trained security officers who are specialized in handling the increasing technological complexity of these new security systems.

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