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Podcast: The confidence gap

In this episode of Connecting the Dots, we’re exploring the various dimensions of the confidence gap together with Lauren Currie, activist and entrepreneur.

2 min read

Episode summary

Discover more about the different facets of confidence, the benefits of navigating the world as a confident person, and how to build a culture of confidence within an organization.

We speak with Lauren Currie, the CEO and founder of UPFRONT, an organization dedicated to changing confidence, visibility, and power for 1 million women.

Lauren shares insights about the roots of the confidence gap in our society, sociological explanations behind the phenomenon, the way psychological safety has a positive impact on work, and tips on how to foster confidence within yourself and the people around you.

Why listen

We’re exploring a different type of security in this episode: the transformative power of feeling self-secure. When people feel safe within themselves, they can navigate life’s challenges with resilience, fostering personal growth and fulfilment.

5 key takeaways

  1. The confidence gap is a phenomenon in which individuals – particularly women or members of minority groups – tend to underestimate their abilities and have lower confidence levels compared to their actual competence.

  2. In general, we have a narrow idea of confidence and that can contribute to bias and prejudice. There are many kinds of confidence, and they’re contextual.

  3. The connection between confidence and safety is not only about physical safety, but also psychological safety.

  4. When it comes to gender, confidence is very different. Lauren shares that at a young age, boys are rewarded and conditioned to take risks, make mistakes, and fail. On the other hand, she says, girls are rewarded and conditioned to be perfect, be kind, and quiet.

  5. To foster a culture of confidence as a leader, feedback is very important. Asking “How can I do better?” can make a big difference.

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