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Regional stories: supporting R&D initiative in Spain

Securitas Spain and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) launched the first edition of the Manuel Ballbé SHDG-Securitas Chair Award.

06 October 2022 14:18

This distinction aims to highlight research projects and recognize the merit of researchers conducting outstanding academic work in the Physical Security and Global Law fields, both of national and international relevance.

Long-term strategic collaboration between Securitas Spain and UAB

This is part of a long-term academic collaboration between Securitas Spain and UAB and arises only a few months after the first Department specializing in physical Security and Global Law was established in Spain at the initiative of the two organizations.

The competition run by Securitas Spain and UAB contributes to meeting several objectives set by the Department, including the development of security-related academic studies, a sustainable continuation of the work carried out by Manuel Ballbé, founder of the School of Prevention and Comprehensive Security and Professor of Administrative Law at the UAB and highlighting legal study and technological development in the security sector.

The winning research project will be awarded an economic endowment of € 3,000, while the finalists will receive a special mention. In addition, the awarded work will be presented and exhibited at the International Congress on Physical Security and Global Law in the upcoming academic year 2022-2023.

The bigger picture

The competition and award ceremony aims to promote the contribution of academic research in developing the private security industry and encourage partnerships between academia and the security industry.

Securitas aims to lead the security industry through continuous innovation and combining people, expertise and technology to meet the security challenges of tomorrow. In that sense, the company is committed to advancing science, technology expertise and scientific research and supports initiatives meant to bring the industry a step closer to tackling emerging threats.

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