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Securitas advises guarding industry on challenges

The December 2021 issue of Security magazine highlights a number of challenges currently facing the security industry. It spotlights a variety of solutions and the ongoing work of top security firms, like Securitas, from around the world.

27 January 2022 13:30

Securitas, along with some of their top clients, highlight practical ways to meet challenges such as labor shortages, difficulties finding and keeping new personnel, outdated technology, and ever-increasing cyber threats.

Global security strategy

The common thread running through all these solutions is the global digital transformation of Securitas, which creates efficient, modern, cohesive and holistic solutions like an enhanced talent acquisition strategy with virtual hiring, screening, onboarding and training and increasing retention. Another solution revolves around the advanced IT infrastructure and interconnectivity to meet malicious cyber-attacks.

The global strategy and transformation of Securitas add new tools and a wider toolbox, including those flexible enough to adapt as necessary to lead the industry against an ever-changing market.

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