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Securitas honoured with OSPA award

Securitas Security Services North America is this year’s recipient of one of the security industry’s most prestigious awards in the U.S.: the 2021 U.S. Outstanding Security Performance Award (OSPA) for Outstanding Contract Security Company (Guarding).

08 October 2021 13:35

Honoring an outstanding supplier of staffed security services, the OSPA is presented by the only global system to recognize exceptional performance in the security industry. Using research-based criteria, OSPA selection is independently conducted by judges with diverse experience, knowledge and expertise in business and security. The winner in this category must demonstrate proven results that make a positive difference to its clients and the industry, and efficacy in recognizing the distinct importance of frontline leadership, motivating staff, managing resources and forging valuable partnerships.

The Securitas nomination for the award reflects its standing as a knowledge and performance leader in the security industry. The company’s ability to deliver on its commitment to stakeholders was particularly evident during the pandemic and domestic unrest, which collectively demonstrated Securitas’ commitment to investing in clients, employees and communities amidst uncertainty.

“We are honored to be recognized with this award and proud that Securitas in the U.S. is paving the way. At Securitas, we are leading the transformation of the security industry by putting our clients at the heart of our business. Our 355,000 employees working in 48 markets are service-minded, knowledgeable, vigilant and a crucial part in our future successes, says Helena Andreas, SVP Group Communications and People.

OSPAs are currently awarded in 14 countries and in collaboration with ten leading security associations and groups worldwide. The U.S. OSPAs were developed with support from ASIS International, the world’s largest association for security management professionals.

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