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Securitas UK partners with LifeRaft for threat intelligence

Identifying threats before they become a risk is more than a job task, it creates peace of mind.

05 April 2022 14:00

For our clients, this means they can sleep a little more soundly at night. For us, it lets us know we've spotted something others have missed and we're one step closer to making the world a safer place. That's why our Securitas Intelligence Unit and our partnership with Navigator – Powered by LifeRaft are so important.

Modern digital tools that highlight security risks

The experienced specialists at our SIUs use the additional technological power of Navigator to extend their ability to highlight the risks and see the danger. It's a powerful tool that allows us to broaden our capabilities to meet rising challenges of a dynamic world.

We believe the best way to keep people and businesses safe is to use the best tools and experiences available and develop partnerships to solve the challenges of tomorrow, today.

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