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1998-06-17, 12:10 p.m : Securitas strengthens its position in Germany

17 June 1998 10:00

Securitas has today acquired the German guarding company Deutsche Sicherheits AG. With the acquisition, Securitas strengthens its position as one of the leading security companies in Germany.

Deutsche Sicherheits AG`s sales for 1997 amounted to approximately MSEK 290 and the number of employees was approximately 800. The company has, with a very good profitability, specialized in guarding of power plants, chemical industries and other objects with high security demands.

The acquisition price amounts to approximately MSEK 180, and the Group`s goodwill will increase by approximately MSEK 150. Having considered the acquisition costs, the acquisition will contribute positively to the Group`s result during 1998.

After the acquisition, the sales of Securitas` entire operation in Germany will amount to approximately MSEK 2000, with approximately 6900 employees.

- Deutsche Sicherheits AG complements the German operation very well and will contribute to a continued good growth and earnings performance for Securitas, says Thomas Berglund, Securitas` President.
Further information can be obtained from Thomas Berglund, President and CEO, Håkan Winberg, Executive Vice President and CFO, and Camilla Weiner, Investor Relations Manager,
telephone +46 8 657 74 00.

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