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Acquisition in the UK

08 February 2000 14:00

By combining the fast-growing ATM related actvities in Securitas UK with the activities of Micro-Route Ltd., Securitas will be in a unique position to offer a full range of ATM services from cash replenishments to advanced machine servicing. The acquisition will thus enable Securitas in the UK to obtain a larger share of the ATM service market currently estimated to be worth MSEK 1,900. There are 25,000 ATMs in the UK and the number is expected to increase to 33,000 by the end of 2004. Only 25 % of the current ATM network is today outsourced to external suppliers, of which Securitas has a market share of close to 40 %.

The acquisition price is MSEK 109. Goodwill is estimated at 92 MSEK and will be amortized over 10 years. The acquisition will make a positive contribution to income before tax in 2000.

After the acquisition Securitas will have total sales of MSEK 1,900 in the UK.

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