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Clarification from Securitas AB concerning the Pinkerton affair

04 March 1999 09:00

No suspicions of crime exist or have existed towards any employee within the Securitas Group and no Securitas employee is object to the ongoing investigation.

There is, however, one exception from this general picture. One person at the Financial Department at Securitas has previously worked at the same company as one of the main suspects in the investigation. Due to this, this person was summoned to hearing in the beginning of the investigation. Nothing has appeared that confirms suspicions of participation or even any contact between these persons in connection with the Pinkerton affair. The office of the public prosecutor judges that this part of the investigation will be definitively closed within a couple of days.

Securitas can, therefore, not see that any errors nor mistakes have been made within the Securitas Group concerning the Pinkerton affair.

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