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Loomis appeals the suspension of the license to pursue cash handling services in Sweden

28 September 2007 09:39

The county administrative board in Stockholm county has decided to withdraw Loomis Sweden AB’s license to pursue cash handling services in Sweden per March 1, 2008. Loomis Sweden AB is Securitas’ Swedish division for cash handling services. Loomis will appeal the ruling and will request the county administrative board to immediately decide for inhibition of the implementation.

The ruling to suspend Loomis’ license to pursue cash handling services is remarkable considered that Loomis today fulfils current legislation for the business.

- It’s is not plausible that old conditions and contingent misunderstandings of features in Loomis’ education of staff suffer these consequences and particulary as we fulfil the regulations today, says Loomis’ CEO Håkan Ericson.

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