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Securitas appoints Håkan Ericson as new CEO for Loomis Cash Handling Services AB

10 August 2006 16:00

The possible divestment of Loomis Cash Handling Services AB has been discontinued and the listing process will continue. Securitas has decided to appoint Håkan Ericson, 43, currently Executive Vice President, Airline Support Businesses, SAS Group, as Divisional President for Loomis Cash Handling Services.

The present Divisional President, Clas Thelin, has decided to leave his position and Securitas as he is not prepared to move to Europe, which is a requirement for a CEO of a Swedish listed company.

The listing of Loomis Cash Handling Services AB will take place during 2007 according to a separate timetable to be announced. In preparing for the listing of Loomis Cash Handling Services AB a separate Board of Directors will be put in place. The Board members will be Thomas Berglund, chairman, Håkan Ericson, Jan Svensson, Managing Director Latour AB, Ulrik Svensson, Managing Director Melker Schörling AB and Håkan Winberg.

Håkan Ericson will join Loomis Cash Handling Services AB in mid September, 2006.

The press release is also available on:

Thomas Berglund, President and CEO: via Helen Karlsson +44 (0)7775 532 170
Håkan Winberg, Executive Vice President and CFO: via Helen Karlsson +44 (0)7775 532 170
Henrik Brehmer, Senior Vice President Investor Relations: +44 (0)7884 117 192

The press release can be downloaded from the enclosed link.

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