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Securitas: Comment regarding events in the U.S.

13 September 2001 11:00

Terrorism has committed its most dreadful atrocity. Thousands of people have become the victims of these terrible attacks and many more are indirectly affected. All of us share feelings of deep sorrow and anger. Our thoughts are with victims, their families, friends and colleagues.

The following is a description of Securitas' position as of 4pm CET, Thursday, September 13, 2001:

- Two of our colleagues, both guards, remain missing. They were in one of the two towers when it collapsed. Our thoughts are with them and those close to them.

- We have about 6,000 employees based in Manhattan, of which about 2,000 in the southern financial district - Downtown. One of our three Manhattan offices is located very close to the World Trade Center, within the area that is now closed off, and it is being used as one of several crisis centers.

- One reaction to this atrocity is an immediate demand for extra security until the situation becomes clearer. This demand is related above all to the U.S., but also to several countries in Europe. We are assisting with all the resources we have, and many people are working long overtime hours.

- Burns' subsidiary, Globe Security, takes care of passenger checks for American Airlines at Boston's airport. There is nothing to indicate that checks were not performed correctly, in accordance with our instructions. The information available to date regarding the "weapons" that were used - "pen knives and box cutters"- also indicates that no forbidden weapons were carried on board by passengers. Our contract with American Airlines binds us to confidentiality and specific inquiries should be made to the FBI.

- There is speculation in the media and the world of finance regarding the effects of this atrocity on Securitas. Suggestions range from presumed large claims for damages to fantastic business deals as a result of an increased requirement for security. We are gathering our resources in order to help in any way we can in the immediate crisis and will not take part in any form of speculation. We have delivered security and handled associated risks for 150 years and have learned that prosperity grows better in a peaceful world than in a world at war that is terror-filled. It is prosperity that in its turn generates demand for our services.

No individual or single organization alone can fight evil or change the world. But we can all do something. Our responsibility in Securitas is to continue to strive to deliver first-rate security and by doing that, make our contribution to a better future.

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