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Securitas concludes the acquisition of Proteg

23 October 1998 10:00

By this resolution the Company's registered share capital is increased with SEK 16,989,644 through issuance of 16,989,644 new Series B shares, each share having a par value of SEK 1. The shareholders of the French company Proteg SA will be entitled to subscribe for the new shares at a subscription price of SEK 77.50 per share. Payment for the new shares is made in kind through issuance of shares in Proteg SA. Besides the new shares, the shareholders of Proteg SA will receive a total amount of SEK 1,017,000,000 in cash for the shares outstanding in Proteg SA. The new shares will carry the same rights as the existing series B shares, including without limitation dividend rights. The new shares will entitle the holder to receive dividends starting from the 1998 financial year.

The competition authority in France has reserved the right to evaluate, during another four months, Protectas' and Proteg's combined market shares in certain segments on the French market.

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