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Securitas' Executive Management Bonus program

16 June 1999 08:00

The Board of Directors and the Group Management of Securitas have agreed to terminate the long-term Executive Management Bonus program in the following manner.

Amounts up until now built up will be placed in an insurance scheme entered into by Securitas. The value of the insurance will follow the value development of the Securitas share up until the end of
year 2002. On condition that the persons of the Executive Management still are employed by Securitas on December 31, 2002, the insurance will be transferred to these persons.

In comparison to a fulfillment of the original program, the agreed termination means that the outcome of the Executive Management through the insurance of a continued value growth will be reduced by approximately one third (1/3).

The agreement further means that Securitas will not incur additional costs for the long-term Bonus program beyond the current reserved amount and that the desired continuity of the Executive Management will remain, which was an important prerequisite of the program.

The settlement has been reached after consultation with the Swedish institutional owners, who, at the Annual General Meeting, expressed opinions regarding the program.

The Board of Directors

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