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Securitas has no connection to Group 4 Securitas

16 March 1999 09:00

Regarding the statements in the press saying that the Security Company Group 4 Securitas is involved in the bribery scandal observed in the EU Commission, Securitas AB wishes to make the following clarification:

Securitas AB - which after the acquisition of the US company Pinkerton is the world's largest security company, with main operations in 19 countries and with its headquarters in Stockholm - has absolutely no connection to Group 4 Securitas. These two companies are two completely separate companies and Securitas AB have not had and do not have any operations in Belgium.

Worth mentioning is that the word Securitas is included in the name of several completely independent companies in Europe, e.g. the listed Danish company, Falck Securitas, and the family owned Securitas AG in Switzerland.

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