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Securitas sign a final agreement with Pengar i Sverige AB

20 February 2004 08:00

Securitas Värde AB in Sweden has signed a final agreement to take over the majority of the commercial part of Swedish National Bank cash services, Pengar i Sverige AB. With that, the letter of intent that was signed in December 2003 will be completed. The transaction will be reported to the Swedish Competition Authority for trial.

Under the agreement Securitas Värde AB will acquire the majority of assets in Pengar i Sverige AB and the majority of employees will be offered employment at Securitas Värde AB. The transfer is planned to take place during the summer of 2004.

Pengar i Sverige AB has approximately 350 employees and annual sales of approximately 250 MSEK in 2003. The company is a subsidiary to the Swedish National Bank's company Svensk Kontantförsörjning AB.

Further information can be obtained from:
Thomas Berglund, President and CEO +44 (0) 20 8432 6500
Håkan Winberg, Executive Vice President and CFO +44 (0) 20 8432 6500
Henrik Brehmer, Senior Vice President Investor Relations +44 (0) 20 8432 6523

The press release is also available on:

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