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The Board of Directors of Securitas AB (publ) has today resolved of a new share issue

06 October 1998 10:00

Since Securitas in Germany formally has taken over the ownership of Raab Karcher Sicherheit GmbH on September 11, 1998 the Board of Directors of Securitas AB (publ) has today resolved of a new share issue, in accordance with the authorization by the Extraordinary General Meeting on September 8, 1998.

By this resolution it is made possible to increase the Company`s registered share capital with SEK 14,356,056 through issuance of 14,356,056 new Series B shares, each share having a par value of SEK 1. Deviating from the existing shareholders` preferential rights of subscription of new shares, the German company Raab Karcher AG-Veba Immobilien Management shall be entitled to subscribe for all of the new shares.
The subscription price for the new shares shall be 85.25 per share. Payment for the new shares shall be made in cash. The new shares will carry the same rights as the existing Series B shares, including without limitation dividend rights. The new shares will entitle the holder to receive dividends starting form the 1998 financial year.
Further information can be obtained from Thomas Berglund, President and Chief Executive Officer, Håkan Winberg, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Camilla Weiner, Investor Relations Manager, telephone +46 8 657 74 00

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