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Thomas Berglund to resign as Securitas' CEO

10 August 2006 16:00

Thomas Berglund will resign as CEO of Securitas at the AGM in April 2007 or when a new CEO is in place.
"The project of breaking up Securitas into separate focused security companies is now close to completion. A new exciting journey starts for the different parts of Securitas and it's a logical time to resign as CEO and give room for a new generation of management to lead Securitas in the future", says Thomas Berglund, President and CEO of Securitas.

Thomas Berglund has been with Securitas for 22 years, whereof the last 14 years as President and CEO and a Board member of Securitas AB. Thomas will become the Chairman of the Board for Securitas Direct AB and Chairman of the Board for Loomis Cash Handling AB.

"The Board of Directors has agreed with Thomas Berglund to resign as CEO and has initiated the appointment of a new CEO to replace Thomas", says Melker Schörling, Chairman of the Board of Securitas AB.

"During the last twenty years, security has become a recognized and important industry. Under Thomas management Securitas has become a focused security company in both Europe and the USA with sales growing from 7 to 66 billion SEK. With the initiative to divide the Group into specialized companies there will be a new era of expansion, consolidation and restructuring in the security industry where Securitas and the new companies have good opportunities to develop further", concludes Melker Schörling.

The press release is also available on:

Melker Schörling, Chairman of the Board, Securitas AB + 46 (0)8 614 39 30

The press release can be downloaded from the enclosed link.

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