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Embassy handles urban complexity with bespoke risk intelligence services

In a city with a complex infrastructure of entities, risk monitoring has proved to be a challenge for this embassy. With a tailored solution provided by the Risk Intelligence Center (RIC), including real-time monitoring and specialist resources for specific threats, the embassy can now navigate its security landscape with precision and keep diplomats and officials safe.

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The Challenge

An embassy in Brussels was facing a challenge and needed an improvement of their security measures. Within an area of 5 square kilometres, the complexity is evident: six local police services, one federal police service, numerous law enforcement agencies, and several international institutions. This  landscape made coherence and intelligence sharing between entities difficult.

Officials, both those permanently stationed and those visiting, were also lacking critical situational awareness. The fragmented security environment, in addition to the various interests spanning from local to international levels—including multiple company headquarters, the "multi-capital" layers of Belgium, and international diplomatic presences—amplified the difficulty of maintaining a secure and informed environment.

The Solution

Using dedicated analyst resources, supported by managed service provision, and specialist investigative resources, the Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) developed a bespoke intelligence service for the client, including Bronze/Silver & Request For Intelligence (RFI).

The solution included  round-the-clock real-time monitoring, every day of the year, ensuring that any security risks were swiftly identified and addressed, including safeguarding global assets and colleagues.

To keep management in the loop, the RIC also  provided daily, weekly and monthly intelligence summaries to provide a tactical  toolkit for actionable intelligence and decision-making. Moreover, the RFI service was added to this, including including specialist resources for specific threats and issuing specific Travel Risk Report for Diplomats, Officials and VIPs within Brussels city and region. These are the solutions that were implemented:

  • Real-time monitoring: Monitoring for threats and incidents, 24/7, 365 days of the year, including safeguarding global assets and colleagues.
  • Intelligence summaries (INTSUMs): Daily, weekly and monthly, to maintain situational awareness and assurance. 
  • A dedicated Request For Intelligence (RFI) service: Including specialist resources for specific threats and issuing specific Travel Risk Report for Diplomats, Officials and VIPs within Brussels city/region.

The Outcome

The implementation of a tailored solution has supported the embassy in their security strategies. Consuls and officials are now armed with actionable intelligence, maximising their situational awareness and monitoring of the security within the city.

The RIC's solution has provided assurance and value, allowing for the comprehensive safeguarding of people, property, and assets on a global scale. By identifying specific threats, ranging from protest actions to plans of property damage and personal targeting, the service has  empowered the client to take precautions and address potential disruptions before the threat is imminent.

With intelligence-led security, the customer is able to focus on what they need to know, and what to do about it, while enabling their wider business to deliver their global operations and strategic objectives.

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