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How intelligence-led security successfully protects leaders from evolving threats

In an era of increasing digital connectivity, corporate leaders are facing unprecedented threats that extend beyond the boardroom. Here is how a large corporation initiated a strategic security operation driven by intelligence, which led to improved security for the Executive as well as the whole organisation. The solution and outcome underscore the vital role of proactive intelligence measures in safeguarding corporate leaders from evolving risks.

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The Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) recently faced a complex scenario involving an Executive of a large corporation. The identification of these threats marked the beginning of a strategic and intelligence-led security operation, highlighting the critical role of proactive measures in mitigating risks to corporate leaders.

The Threat

The Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) identified threats directed towards an Executive of a multinational financial services organization, targeting them professionally and personally, posing a risk to their work and home life.  It appeared that the threat actors planned to exploit a peak business period to cause  maximum disruption and damage to the Executive and the organization, involving leakage of sensitive information and protest actions.  In addition to this, the RIC identified an insider threat vector, suggesting a potential compromise of internal knowledge and access.This revelation heightened the risk to not only the Executive but also posed a broader danger to the entire organisation.

The Solution

Upon identifying the threat, the RIC alerted the customer to the situation and carried out a rapid investigation into the threat. Additionally, the RIC conducted a defensive screening  investigation for the Executive, to identify any vulnerabilities that the threat actors could exploit. Using the intelligence generated from the investigations, the RIC combined resources with Securitas’ protective services to safeguard the principal from harm, and the organisation from disruption. These are the solutions that were implemented:

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Safeguarding both professional and personal details of the Executive.
  • Intelligence Monitoring: Regular scrutiny of the Executive's online profile and activities.
  • Enhanced Executive Protection: Deployment of escorts and check-ins to bolster personal security.
  • Lone Worker Solutions:  Implementation of for example alarm and tracking capabilities. 
  • Operational Security Enhancement:  Providing swift response to threats through  briefings on the threat, including indicators and warnings.
  • Engagement with Authorities:  Engaging with  authorities as needed.
  • Awareness Initiatives: Raising awareness of threats to the person, workplace violence and insider threat.

Providing intelligence-led security to safeguard the Executive, through a combination of industry-leading intelligence and Securitas’ protective services, the RIC provided added value and peace of mind to both the principal and the wider organisation during a peak business period.

The Outcome

Through a combination of industry-leading intelligence and Securitas’ protective services, the Executive was safeguarded from potential harm, and the organisation was shielded from disruptive forces.

The success of intelligence-led security in navigating the complex landscape of modern threats faced by corporate leaders is evident in this case. As organisations continue to evolve, such proactive approaches are essential to stay one step ahead of those seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in both the virtual and physical realms.

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