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Choosing the right security intelligence service level for your needs

In today’s interconnected world, making informed decisions is crucial. Explore our four service tiers tailored to your needs, from situational awareness to dedicated analyst support, and learn how these services can enhance your organisation's resilience against evolving threats.

The evolving landscape of risks, fueled by increasingly sophisticated criminal and terrorist groups, advancing cybercrime, and emerging environmental and geopolitical events, poses a constant challenge. The Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) delivers industry-leading actionable intelligence to businesses globally, spanning all industries. This empowers decision-making with an advantage and confidence, enabling organisations to manage risks effectively, seize opportunities, and contribute to making the world a safer place. In this article, you’ll get an overview of the four available service tiers, outlining their distinctions to assist you in determining which level best suits your needs.

The Awareness service is tailored to organisations of all sizes and industries. Providing more than 350 reports annually, this service ensures industry-leading situational awareness on the global security and threat landscape. From scheduled reports to ad hoc updates responding to significant global developments, organisations gain a comprehensive overview of potential threats and flashpoints of risk. The service includes daily, weekly and monthly intelligence reports offering a forward-looking perspective, aiding decision-makers in anticipating and preparing for upcoming challenges.

Customised to your specified location and alert profile, this service provides location-based alerting, enabling targeted incident alerts that take into account factors such as distance and severity level. These alerts encompass a range of potential events, including crime, natural disasters, protests, and terrorism. In addition, daily and weekly alert summaries are provided that are also tailored to your chosen locations and profile, ensuring you receive timely and relevant information to stay informed about local developments and threats.

Combining cutting-edge technology with a global network of sources, the Advisory service offers actionable intelligence tailored to your organisation's specific requirements. This encompasses keyword monitoring, geofencing, and analysis. The service includes Daily Monitoring Updates based on your specific intelligence requirements, and Flash Intelligence Reports (INTREPs) monitoring through daily global intelligence reports (INTREPs) for intelligence that requires priority action. To further address specific intelligence needs, the Advisory service also includes access to the RIC Request for Intelligence (RFI) service, which provides specific intelligence input and support such as location or event security threat assessments, travel risk reports, investigations, and expert consultancy tailored to your unique requirements.

The RIC Analyst service provides an embedded analyst resource dedicated to your organisation. Equipped with tools and training to address specific intelligence requirements, this service provides a very high level of support. Additionally, you can enhance your intelligence capabilities by opting for additional analyst resources or specialist engagements, such as executive protection, crisis and incident management, and investigations.

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