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GPS vehicle tracking (track and trace)

The track and trace electronic system is a solution for tracking vehicles in real-time, as well as tracking moving objects using a high-tech global positioning system (GPS).

Any movement of the registered vehicle or object will be notified to the Securitas operation center and/or to the owner when using the Track & Trace app.

Securitas offers a track and trace security solution for the remote management and security of your fleet. You will always know where your company’s vehicles are located with our digital application. This monitoring solution can be provided when your vehicles are equipped with an integrated GPS connected to the engine of the vehicle but also with wireless tracking systems. 

As a user of the application, you can also get help from the Securitas operations center in case of a theft. Our operators can identify the exact position of your vehicle at any time and, if necessary, continuously monitor it. Securitas relies on a unique European platform connecting all our Security operations centers. This allows us to find your vehicle all over Europe and to mobilize local law enforcement. 

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