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Creating opportunities for war victims in Colombia

In Colombia, the long civil war has left behind numerous victims, many of them with little education and living in poor conditions. In 2012, Securitas Colombia joined the United Nations Global Compact and the initiatives Business for Peace (B4P) and Women's Empowerment.

Being part of these initiatives allowed us to generate public-private alliances for the generation of employment of war victims, displaced persons and retired military personnel. Securitas provides basic training to security officers for these recruits at no cost and then offers them employment in the company contributing to the reduction of poverty in the country. 

Training in human rights issues

In another initiative, through the signing of the so called transparency pact, Securitas has reached an agreement with the Colombian state to train our employees in human rights issues. The objective of the initiative, which is promoted by the Colombian government and the Swedish Business Network in Colombia, is to fight corruption by strengthening the development of a fair business environment with clear rules. As part of the initiative, Securitas Colombia has adopted the guidelines included in the World Economic Forum's Partnering Against Corruption Initiative.

Training suppliers in business ethics

With the help of UN Global Compact and Corporación Fenalco Solidario, an organization promoting corporate social responsibility, Securitas Colombia also trains suppliers in business ethics, social responsibility and human rights.

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