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Initiatives in local communities

As an employer and a trusted partner to our customers, Securitas also plays an important role in the societies where the company has business operations. Here are some examples of some initiatives in local communities:


Securitas Argentina established a supplier development program, where they purchase products from small local suppliers who provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities or contribute to vulnerable sectors of society.

Securitas Argentina also has a Ministry of Education accreditation as a support center for the Secondary Education Program, which allows us to offer all employees and their family members an opportunity to complete their secondary education through the Ministry's Adult Education e-learning platform. In addition, the company has a number of scholarships, open both for employees and their family members. One example is a grant available for children of security officers that covers expenses for school material or other necessary items.



Together with a number of municipalities and private companies in Denmark, Securitas is participating in a mentorship project. Our employees serve as mentors to young people entering the work force, and in some cases young people with criminal backgrounds. The mentor prepares an action plan for the daily work and then accompanies the young person to the workplace as support to help develop the necessary social and professional skills.



In India, many women feel unsafe in public spaces. To contribute to a safer society, Securitas India has introduced several initiatives, including one that actively promotes women's self-defense classes, where Securitas employees train our customers' female staff.



Securitas in Spain works together with Fundación Prevent for the implementation of the project In Good Hands. It is an initiative that aims to facilitate employment for people with severe disabilities and at risk of labor and social exclusion. These employees will be accompanied by a professional from Prevent Foundation, who will also carry out training and awareness actions for the staff.


United Arab Emirates

Securitas is working closely with a school for children with special needs in the United Arab Emirates. Employees regularly visit the school, which Securitas has supplied with cameras and access controls as well as first aid and firefighting training to teachers, free of charge.



Securitas participates in a national initiative to create jobs for military veterans. Since 2012 Securitas has hired more than 45,000 veterans.

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