Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability is all about building a strong and profitable company for the future and delivering lasting economic, social and environmental value for our clients, employees and investors. By understanding how societies are evolving, we can better equip our organization to meet changing expectations.

Security services offer tangible social and financial benefits – not only for our clients, but for society as a whole. At Securitas, sustainability provides a basis for long-term growth.


Clients are able to focus on their core operations

With our in-depth understanding of each client’s business, values and goals, we can develop security solutions and services tailored to their individual needs. The clients can then focus on their core business and develop We also offer specialized services that help our clients become more efficient and reduce their impact on the environment.


Sustainable operations

Securitas operates in 57 markets and employs 370,000 people globally. Being a responsible and solid employer is a priority, but we must also conduct our business in an ethical manner, consider our environmental impact and offer high-quality services. Only then will all areas of our operations become sustainable.

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