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Widespread financial influence

Tangible social and financial benefits

Securitas’ operations have a widespread financial influence. They ensure our employees’ financial security, provide our clients with services that make them more efficient and allow communities to become safer and more secure at a lower cost.

The services offered by Securitas create tangible social and financial benefits – for our clients, our employees and entire communities. Our main form of financial influence is the salaries we pay to our employees, who live and work in the communities we protect.

We are a large employer and thus fill an important financial function. We provide many people with work opportunities, some as a first step into the labor market. As a responsible and reliable employer, we offer fair wages and good working conditions, which also helps us to attract and retain people who share our values and can provide excellent client service.


Protecting crucial social functions

We also offer services directly to the public sector and thus help to protect crucial social functions. In certain countries, private security suppliers have taken over responsibility for various public duties, such as the guarding of public buildings and call-out services. We offer solutions that improve security and reduce costs.


Making clients more efficient

We also offer specialized services that help clients to reduce their environmental impact, for example checking the lights, temperature and air conditioning at a client's premises in conjunction with our routine guarding services.


Receiving nighttime deliveries

For our clients in the retail sector, we also offer a service that includes receiving nighttime shipments and processing deliveries immediately upon their arrival at the store. The entire delivery process becomes more efficient if the goods have already been received when the store opens. The client also avoids the extra cost of having personnel on site at night. Securitas automatically monitors the client's goods entrance.

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