Remote Video Solutions Provide Cost-Efficient Security

Remote Video Solutions (RVS) are standardized, cost-effective, remotely based video surveillance services:

Managed by Securitas

The solution is fully managed by Securitas. This means that we take full responsibility for on-site installations, maintenance of security components, operations and remote services as well as technology investments.

Standardized solution

We provide a corporate standardized solution for video surveillance (CCTV). This gives us the possibility to deliver video surveillance as a standard component in our integrated security solutions. This also allows us to prevent incidents, optimize security officers' time, deliver cost-effective customer IT solutions and make sure our solutions comply with laws and regulations around cyber security and data privacy.

Integration with other security services

Our standard portfolio offering is named RVS (remote video solutions). RVS is fully integrated into Securitas' services for on-site, mobile and remote guarding, electronic security, fire and safety, and corporate risk management.

Securitas provides different RVS offerings based on market needs. Click here to learn more about the offerings.

Our RVS offerings

Click on this link to read about our remote video solutions offerings.

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