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Remote area protection

Securing the area by adding intelligent video analytics (IVA) to a camera is a reliable and cost-efficient way of providing both alarms and verification services through a single device.

Remote area protection services use high-quality cameras coupled with IVA to generate alarms when there is an intruder in a secured area. By using this kind of proactive security, we can detect crimes before they happen.

Deter intruders

IVA is a rule-based event generator and alarms can be triggered in specified areas by people or vehicles moving, staying to long or going in the wrong direction. The operators are automatically alerted to perform an alarm verification if there is suspicious activity and will act according to agreed instructions for the specific incident.

When using area protection together with remote alarm verification, the operators can intervene via loudspeakers to deter an intruder from proceeding further into the secured area.

Customized protection

Intelligent video analytics (IVA) is a reliable and cost-efficient solution for detection. IVA can be customized and combined with other security services to meet the specific challenges at the customer site. Our services also include algorithms for self-learning efficiency. This means that the system also can learn to identify normal and abnormal behavior, allowing detection of abnormalities not initially defined during system set-up.

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