Our Strategy is to Lead the Transformation of the Industry

Securitas is leading the ongoing transformation of the security industry from traditional guarding to a much broader spectrum of protective services. Our strategy is based on our efforts to be the leader in three areas: security services; protective services; and intelligent services.

Our progress is based on efficiently integrating technology, people and knowledge by combining on-site, mobile and remote guarding with electronic security solutions, fire and safety, and corporate risk management.

We serve a wide range of customers of all sizes in a variety of industries and customer segments. Our security solutions are based on customer-specific needs. The security solutions are built through different combinations of:

  • On-site guarding
  • Mobile guarding
  • Remote guarding
  • Electronic security
  • Fire and safety
  • Corporate risk management

Building strong client relations

To maintain our leading position in the security industry, we must continue to deliver high-quality services and meet our long-term financial targets. This requires that we steadily climb the value chain and create added value for our clients, thereby building strong, long-term client relations while improving our profitability.

Developing customized solutions

In cooperation with its clients, Securitas develops optimal, cost-efficient protective services adapted to the needs of the client. When we combine different services into a packaged offering, we are able to offer a security solution that enhances client value and strengthens our position and profitability. We ensure the right balance of expertise – on-site security officers, mobile security officers and specially trained security officers working in a monitoring center – and the optimal integration of electronic security.

Investing in new technology

Securitas plays a leading role in combining guarding services with electronic security. The enhanced use of technology combined with people means better, more predictive and more cost-efficient security. We are actively working toward digitizing our core operations where client contracts will be operated and reported in a digital format, directed by our Securitas Operation Centers.

Today, we have 44 Securitas Operation Centers located in key markets around the world to oversee all activities and officers in the field. Through highly advanced integration systems, we can act and respond quickly to incoming alarms and dispatch help.

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