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Dialog Leads to Improvement

Securitas engages in an ongoing dialog with its stakeholders. This gives us an understanding of their expectations and how we can improve.

Securitas aims to be a responsible, honest and transparent company. We encourage an ongoing dialog with our stakeholders in order to better understand their expectations in the areas of sustainability work and communication and to identify areas in which there is room for improvement.

Working conditions our top priority

Various stakeholder groups are invited to participate in an annual survey concerning Securitas' work in the area of CSR. Internal and external stakeholders from a range of countries take part. We also regularly meet with different stakeholders, such as union representatives and investors. The stakeholder consultations confirmed employee working conditions, including labor relations and training, as Securitas' most important sustainability issue.

Development of the sustainability work

We continuously work to improve our communication in the area of sustainability, for example, by providing more quantitative and qualitative data regarding the company's results.

With the feedback provided by our stakeholders we further developed the measuring and disclosing of performance indicators and have completed a sustainability report prepared according to the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for 2016.

Regular customer surveys

Because our customers are one of our most important stakeholder groups, customer surveys are conducted on a regular basis in most of Securitas' business areas.

The customer surveys from 2016, which encompassed the majority of countries in which we operate, indicated three distinct areas where improvements are required:

  • Training: The security officers need the correct training for the assignment
  • Communication: More communication to make things easier for our customers
  • Service quality: Continue to ensure high quality with respect to services and personnel

Securitas AB Sustainability Report 2016

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