Dialog Leads to Improvement

Securitas engages in an ongoing dialog with its stakeholders. This gives us an understanding of their expectations and how we can improve.

We value the insights of our stakeholders to inform our strategy and better understand the issues most important to them. We have regular, often daily, contact with our stakeholders.

Working conditions our top priority

On a regular basis, external and internal stakeholders, including clients, employees, investors, suppliers and NGOs are invited to participate in our survey about our sustainability work and communication.

In the latest survey, working conditions such as minimum wages and overtime regulations were considered the most material issue by external stakeholders along with labor/management relations and human rights reviews of Securitas' operations. Among internal stakeholders, anti-corruption, risk assessment, training and health and safety issues were ranked most material, followed by working conditions.

We also regularly meet with different stakeholders, such as union representatives and investors.

Development of the sustainability work

We continuously work to improve our communication in the area of sustainability, for example, by providing more quantitative and qualitative data regarding the company's results.

With the feedback provided by our stakeholders we further developed the measuring and disclosing of performance indicators and have completed a sustainability report prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting standards for 2018.

Regular client surveys

Because our cleints are one of our most important stakeholder groups, client surveys are conducted on a regular basis in major markets.

The three key conclusions from surveys conducted in 2018 are:

  • Service quality – most clients are satisfied with the service quality
  • Training – training of the security officers can be further improved
  • Communication – more communication to make things easier for our clients

Securitas AB Annual and Sustainability Report 2019

PDF version

Brief digital version

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