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Initiatives in Local Communities

As an employer and a trusted partner to our customers, Securitas also plays an important role in the societies where the company has business operations. Here are some examples of some initiatives in local communities:


For Securitas Argentina, being a responsible part of the supply chain is important, not only as a supplier to our customers, but also as a buyer. The company has established a supplier development program, where products are purchased from small local suppliers that provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities or contribute to vulnerable sectors of society. For Securitas, this is a good way to strengthen the communities where we operate.


In India, many women feel unsafe in public spaces. To contribute to a safer society, Securitas India has introduced several initiatives, among them one to actively promote women's self-defense classes among its customers, where Securitas employees train the customers' female staff. In another initiative, Securitas is contributing to solving one of the biggest challenges faced by rural India, namely the lack of separate toilets for girls. This problem causes many girls drop out of school once they reach a certain age. Securitas has helped by constructing toilets for girls in government schools, so that girls feel safe and do not have a reason to discontinue their education.


In Norway, the "Rings on Water" project helps people with limited work experience to secure employment. Securitas Norway has successfully participated in the project by employing a number of people. The combination of having a recruitment policy and a CSR strategy that includes people with reduced work experience, and operations in many locations across the country, has made a major contribution to the project's outstanding results.


Securitas Poland works actively to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities, both as security officers and as administrators. We actively reduce barriers related to different types of disabilities by encouraging the personal and professional development of disabled employees. Securitas also supports disabled employees who are active in sports, for example by sponsoring the participation in tournaments and the purchase of equipment. One employee is for example very successful in shooting sport and is a candidate for the Polish national team during the 2016 Summer Paralympics.


Gender violence is a problem in many societies. Securitas Spain has taken an active approach by signing an agreement with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality to employ women that have suffered gender violence. To make employees aware of the problem, Securitas has an internal communication campaign informing its employees of the signs to look out for and what can be done to help people who are victims of gender violence.

United Kingdom

In a pilot volunteer scheme aimed at helping vulnerable families reduce the risk of death and injury in their homes, the UK's leading accident prevention charity gives people the skills and knowledge to enable them to stay safe at home. Securitas UK plays a vital part by providing essential training to the volunteers in risk recognition, conflict management, personal safety, customer service, diversity and communication skills.

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