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Meeting Stakeholder Demands

We aim to create long-term value for our stakeholders, such as customers, employees, shareholders and society. Close, reliable long-term relationships with all our stakeholders underpin our ability to deliver that value.


We must have an in-depth understanding of our customers' needs and industry-specific requirements, both to provide optimal and cost-effective security solutions and to meet their requirements on us as a supplier regarding sustainability.

With better risk analysis and improved proactivity, crime, fire and other threats can be prevented, resulting in strengthened security and lower costs from damages and disturbances. Safeguarding information not only protects our customers and prevents incidents and crimes, but also – in many cases – supports their business and adds value. Our emphasis on employee safety, fair labor practices and wages help ensure that we are delivering services that customers can rely on.

Employees and employee representatives

Securitas' most valuable assets are our more than 345,000 employees, distributed over 56 countries around the world. Past, present and future employees are important to Securitas and considered part of our company's foundation.

Employees seek a reliable employer who guarantees that they are paid fairly for their work, empowers them to reach their full potential and encourages employee development through training and experience.

When assignments pose physical risks, employees need to be equipped for the task. Strong relationships with customers are also vital to our people, as they spend much of their time at customer facilities. This is important not only to secure future work but also for employees' well-being and satisfaction on the job. With the growth of monitoring technologies, employees want to know that their privacy and information are protected.

Shareholders, investors and analysts

An ongoing dialog with our shareholders and investors ensures the long-term development of our business.

For financial stability our focus is on improved cost efficiency and more predictable costs. Long-term thinking enabled by higher customer retention rate and a workforce equipped to deliver on new solutions and digitization heightens the stability of future income and cash flow. Our ability to understand, manage and be transparent about risks decrease operational costs and protects our reputation, which in turn, protects shareholders' investments.

Altogether, this result in increased profitability, which will ultimately help Securitas attract new shareholders.


Securitas has many suppliers in its operations. Ensuring that our suppliers follow our requirements concerning values and ethics, among other things, is essential to Securitas.

We provide our suppliers with information regarding our Values and Ethics Code and include compliance with the Code in our supplier contracts. We also have specific guidelines and standards for suppliers and conduct supplier risk assessments when required.


Securitas plays an active role in thousands of local communities across the globe. Safety and stability is key in a well-functioning society. In an increasingly unpredictable world, Securitas' role is to help companies, infrastructure and government authorities to operate the way they are intended, without interruptions.

The protection of workplaces, public areas and properties, carried out in a responsible way, plays an important part in how we contribute to a safer and more sustainable and productive society. As an employer, implementing high standards of labor practices and paying taxes are also of value.

Industry organizations

As one of the largest companies in the security industry, Securitas is a driving force in raising the standards and levels of professionalism in the industry. Securitas holds memberships in local and global industry organizations, such as the International Security Ligue, the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA).

Within industry organizations, we strive to improve the status of the security officer profession, raise industry wage levels and intensify skills development efforts.

Policy makers and authorities

Securitas cooperates closely with authorities in all countries where we operate. We work to improve business conditions in the security industry through laws and regulations and also seek possibilities to expand our assignments to ensure a safer society.

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Securitas AB Sustainability Report 2017

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