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Meeting Stakeholder Demands

Securitas aims to be a responsible, honest and transparent company. We encourage an ongoing dialog with our stakeholders in order to better understand their expectations and to identify areas in which there is room for improvement. We meet many of our stakeholders regularly during the course of our daily work. Listed below are Securitas’ key stakeholders and a description of how we engage with them.

Our main stakeholders are identified based on the impact they might have on our business, as well as on their interests and potential influence on Securitas.


We must have an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs and industry-specific requirements, both to provide optimal and cost-effective security solutions and to meet their requirements on us as a supplier regarding sustainability.

Securitas communicates in a clear, transparent and sustainable way, the benefits of protective services, including electronic security, providing data showing how a predictive approach increases the level of security and, at the same time, makes security more cost efficient.

Employees and employee representatives

Securitas' most valuable assets are our 370,000 employees, distributed over 58 countries around the world. Past, present and future employees are important to Securitas and considered part of our company's foundation.

In order to attract, retain and develop our employees, Securitas strives to be a reliable employer. Solid human resources processes is a vital part of this. Securitas values proactive relationships and a constructive dialog with local unions as well as global union associations.

Shareholders, investors and analysts

An ongoing dialog with our shareholders and investors ensures the long-term development of our business.

Securitas provides data and figures supporting our strategy, and informs on how the transformation of offered services affects the financial results. We illustrate the benefits of the position as industry leader and having a strong competitive advantage.


Securitas has many suppliers in its operations. Ensuring that our suppliers follow our requirements concerning values and ethics, among other things, is essential to Securitas.

We provide our suppliers with information regarding Securitas' Values and Ethics Code and include compliance with the Code in our supplier contracts. We also have specific guidelines and standards for suppliers and conduct supplier risk assessments when required.


Securitas plays an active role in thousands of local communities across the globe. Ensuring security and safety in all areas of society is a prerequisite for a functioning community.

Securitas protects workplaces, public areas and properties, carried out in a responsible way. We also aim to be engaged in the local communities, for example, by actively participating in various local projects.

Industry organizations

As one of the largest companies in the security industry, Securitas is a driving force in raising the standards and levels of professionalism in the industry.

Within industry organizations, we strive to increase industry regulation to improve the status of the security officer profession, raise industry wage levels and intensify skills development efforts.

Policy makers and authorities

Securitas cooperates closely with authorities in all countries where we operate – both to improve our business conditions and to explore new business opportunities.

Securitas works to improve the business conditions in the security industry. We also explore opportunities to take over non-core police tasks.

Securitas AB Annual and Sustainability Report 2019

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